Century 21 CPM +” rebranded to “Talea Coast"

Tala beach is located in one of the most safest and untouched parts of the Adriatik sea, located between the dense Durrës and Shengjin sea.
It carries the most desirable elements of tourism in Albania such as: a virgin beach, a contemporary architecture, which pave the way for the newest tourist destination in Albania.

The Talea Coast is located within a radius of 300km from the border countries such as Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo, making it easily accessible to our neighbors as well as to individuals from different countries that want to invest and relax in one from the most beautiful places on the Adriatic Riviera.

The activity and promotion of the villas to date has been developed on the Facebook page, which has been named “Century 21 CPM”. Now rebranded in the name of “Talea Coast” in the url of the web www.taleacoast.com

Logo and Rebranded Name: