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Having your other residence next to the

Adriatic coast

is possible.

Apartments and Villas are available for sale on the coast of the Adriatic sea.

Why choose your summer villa at Talea?

The Talea Coast project was born from the initiative of “MARGIS-ITALIA” sh.p.k, an Albanian company with Italian capital, following the strong tourism development that Albania has had in recent years.

From the data relative to the economic development of the country, in addition to industrial production, tourism represents a strong appeal mostly due to the natural beauties of the country and thus constitutes one of the best sources of income and development.

The real estate market for tourism and vacation homes is growing exponentially and is experiencing significant positive changes.

Our Monthly Residences Showcase

Three Story Villas​ / Apartments

Best offer

Three Story Villas​ / Apartments

The 3-story buildings make up most of the structure and are designed to accommodate 9 families.

The apartments have a living room and kitchen with panoramic windows, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Located on the third line and beyond, type C villas consist of 9 apartments which have an area of ​​approximately 75 m².