Albania is considered a country with a high tourist potential, due to its spectacular mountains, numerous forests, rivers and sandy, rocky beaches. Principally, tourism in Albania is divided into three categories: Coastal and mountainous tourism; Historical and cultural tourism; Sports tourism

The coastline, with marvelous sandy and rocky beaches, is 470 km long formed by the Adriatic Sea in the north and the Ionian Sea in the south of the country. Wildlife, high mountains and dense forests are an attraction for sporting and dynamic tourism, due to the long excursions that can be made throughout the year. The most suitable areas for canoe exploration are the Osum River Canyon in the town of Skrapar and the magical Blue Eye natural site.

Albania enjoys a high tourist potential not only due to its natural beauty but also for its cultural and archaeological heritage. Three Albanian cities are part of the UNESCO world heritage, without mentioning the many cities with a rich historical, social and culinary heritage.

In recent years, sports tourism has also experienced a new impetus, with activities such as parachuting, rafting, etc., highlighting the development of what is known as “adventure tourism”.

From its privileged geographical position, Talea Coast allows you to easily reach all the tourist, historic and adventurous destinations of Albania.


You can enjoy fishing in the waters of the beach of Tale, to experience a new adventure or awaken an old passion.

The presence of a central swimming pool will offer you the possibility of swimming, but it will certainly be more stimulating to immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic.


The virgin and intact areas of the region, but also the green courtyards of the resort, will give you the opportunity to organize picnics and barbecues with family and friends, to complete a relaxing holiday in closeness with nature and with the comfort offered by all the included services and facilities.